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~ About me ~

Hey guy's !! My name is Danielle and my YouTube channel is Naturally Danielle , where i make crochet tutorials for FREE. Now i have a blog to share the written patterns with everyone, and what's better than free patterns ????? NOTHING lol j/k ...i love free food but Anyway i created this blog to share my patterns in written form for the people who prefer to have written patterns and i love doing it. Please make sure you subscribe to my blog to get updates on my patterns FIRST and also hop over to my YouTube channel & subscribe so you don't miss out on video tutorials and giveaways !!! Thank you for visiting my blog & happy crocheting !


  1. Hello Danielle I crocheted your off the shoulder sweater. After finishing it, it is too short for me could your recommend how to add length to it after I have completed the sweater? Thanks

  2. Ok just loving ur sedge stitch pattern i wanna know how to make a hat using that same stitch pattern

  3. Hi.
    Please can you kindly ship on kit of knitting tools for me in Ghana? But before that I would send you the money.
    Thank you .


Hey guy's let me know what you think about my pattern!